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Welcome to AMC Rent Pay!

Save time and avoid late fees by paying online. allows AMC residents to pay rent online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more trips to the leasing office or relying on the postal service to deliver your rent payment, with you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly when your manager received your rent payment. online rent payments allow residents to:

  • Make payments quickly and easily online by electronic check or credit card
  • Setup automatically recurring payments through our Auto Pay option
  • Review Real Time Resident Ledgers has significant advantages in paying rent via online electronic payments. They include:

  • Greater convenience since Resident won't have to worry each month with writing, mailing or delivering a rent check
  • No late charges if Resident sets up an automated payment schedule, since rent will always be paid timely, assuming there are sufficient funds in Resident's account
  • Greater security since there is no chance that a payment signed by Resident will fall into the wrong hands or get lost in the mail
  • Proof of payment since Resident's bank statement is evidence of payment according to ACH and card network rules